Monday, March 19, 2012

You can feel it in the air.

 Is it just me or is the weather amazing?! Spring anyone? Though I could use less allergies. The pollen in Georgia is ridiculous! My car is turning yellow as we speak!

So, as promised here is a much needed outfit post. I hope you like it as much as everyone else who commented me today.
Other than taking these pictures, today is another much needed study day. I have another test coming up Wednesday, so I need to dedicate some time to the books! Enjoy your day!

Top/Dress: Forever21/ Skirt: Forever21/ Shoes: Modcloth/ Birdcage Necklace: Forever21, Watch:Gift/ Rings: Forever21 & Charlotte Russe.


  1. Love it! This pics looks so cute!
    Visit when you have the while? <3

  2. I love every piece of your outfit (and your hair!)

  3. Thanks! My hair can get a bit annoying, especially on windy days. I'm thinking about cutting it, nothing too drastic, just a bit shorter and maybe bangs... What do you think?


I want to thank all you for being so supportive and leaving me lovely comments. You are what makes me want to do more with this blog. Thanks again.