Friday, September 19, 2014


Top:, Skirt: 
So, everyone of us (unless you work on the weekends) are always excited when it is Friday... Fridays represent 1.) the weekend is finally here 2.) Payday 3.) Date night 4.) New movies in theaters 5.) A much needed break.

Today I am going to eat lunch with my beloved, which I always enjoy. I have a reason to some-what dress up and go out. Being a college student, in the nursing program, I have little time for going out and dressing up. It will only get harder to find the time as the semester continues as well as throughout the program. But I will do my best to allow myself a little time for blogging and other activities. I am hoping to start sewing soon. Again, time is tight but it is manageable.

I will update a little later with some pictures of my outfit and possibly our date. Thanks for the continued support.
Have a wonderful Friday!!


p.s. Please leave comments on anything you would like to see via my blog or any pointers.


We ended up eating at Long Horn Steak House, which is one of our favorite places to eat out. Gotta love steak. This time, however, I opted out of the steak for the Shrimp and Lobster chowder (Which was delicious!) and a Caesar salad (Which I barely ate 4 bites out of). We also got the sweet and spicy calamari, which again was yummy! I'm always happy with what I order there, plus they are always friendly! We opted out of dessert, we were way too full! He ordered a steak salad which he enjoyed, as well.

After dropping him back off at work, I took a detour to Books A Million (Which is right by his job) and browsed... well okay I bought four books... I couldn't help it... I love to read and found pretty good deals. I got Sex In The City (I know...a little late to read it... but I am not a reader who prefers to read things first. Its good if I have the time but once I see a movie or show about what I am reading I can picture the characters better) I also go Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (I am a zombie lover after all), If I Stay (I haven't seen the movie yet, but I am sure I'll enjoy both... I love Chloe Grace Mortez) and World War Z (which I have read before but I have not had the chance of purchasing.) All for about $37. Which is not bad. I prefer a real book over the digital. I like the feel, the smell, and hey, it makes for good home decor afterwards.

Sorry for the not so awesome pictures, they are from my phone. My camera is charging. But you get the idea. I'm sorry the outfit picture is not the best of quality, or the best to see the whole outfit. I will wear it again and take better pictures sometime when I get another chance to wear it.
Thanks again!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


I apologize for being so wishy-washy with posting on here. Life gets busy and somethings take a bit more priority.

Good news, I am in my first semester of The Nursing Program. So far I have gotten good grades on my test, which I am happy to report. I hope to continue having good grades, in order to keep a positive attitude (which is very important for success)

I will do my best to continue with outfit updates, though most will be more about comfort (as I am a college student and in the nursing program). I want to begin a new chapter with you who follow me.

I hope to start sewing (I need to invest in a new sewing machine) as well as other creative endeavors. Time might be a little on the low side, but I want to push myself to grow in all aspects. Thanks for your continued support. I hope to make you glad you have followed me in the near future.

Have a great day!
Remember, times may become hard, but things happen for a reason, whether we see them now for what they are or later for what they have brought.

Sincerely Savannah

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Unfortunate Delay...

So, though I had the intentions of posting more and getting back into the groove of blogging, I have been very busy with family matters. My Nana (Nah-Nah/ grandma) has been ill since post- lumbar spinal surgery in late December. She has had two instances of renal failure, MRSA, and septic shock. All are horrible news and have put my poor Nana through a lot. Anyways, this time she is improving faster and more proficiently. Which we are all happy about. Please send her your positive thoughts and prayers.
I am at the moment in the ICU with her, so I can not update too much more.


Saturday, March 1, 2014

Love True Love...

So obviously I enjoy The Princess Bride (refering to the title of this post), Wesley and Buttercup's love triumphs over all.  That is how I view mine and Paul's (also referred to as Hubby or Sky) relationship. We have been through a lot, I mean we did meet on Myspace and were separated by many states, but we knew that our connection, our chemistry was like no other so we continued to push through all that came our way, and hey, we have concurred almost 8 years of being together! We both have our moments of bickering or disagreeing, but at the end of the day we both know we love each other and sometimes laugh at what we were bickering about. We are both two different people, raised two different ways, so bickering will happen, what matters is that we get through it and can smile and laugh about it later.

These photos were taken a year ago, when it was warm, obviously... I hope to restart our photo sessions and share our love story with those who actually care to read, and even to those who don't. In our head our story is famous, to you its just another love story,

Well that is all for today. I hope to maybe start taking photos today, we are going to shoot today, for the first time. I'm kind of excited.

Sincerely with Love,

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My Day...

So, I have been working on a few things lately, eating healthier and exercising. Both have so far made me feel a lot better about myself, which in turn helps me want to start blogging more, like I used to. 

I make up my own exercise routines based off of a few Youtube videos and magazine cutouts of things for thighs, abs, etc. So it works for me. I try to push myself through sets, but really I just kind of rotate through sets. Some days I am sorer than others, but I guess it depends on which moves I push more. It helps that I am taking Tennis now too. Man, tennis is no joke. It seems easy but if you play the right way it is a pain in the butt. However, I enjoy it. I have always enjoyed being active, I wish I was more active in sports as a kid, but because of my mom being a single parent, that was not an easy task to ask to do. I did get a chance to somewhat be apart of things because of friends, but that was not much. I missed out on a lot, but really it just opened me up to using my imagination more. Anyways, being active does make you feel good, not just how your look begins to slim down and tone up, but how you feel about your over all self. Plus, with all of these zombie movies and shows, I would like to be somewhat fit to be able to try to survive... haha.

After every exercise, which I usually do while watching a movie or show (full of skinny, pretty women/ my inspirations haha) I make my own protein smoothie. I try to use a little bit of fruits and veges, but it all depends on what I have. Today was a Silk, Pomegranate Yogurt, Whey Protein, Kale, 5 Strawberries, and  1/2 orange. It was pretty yummy too. 
What kind of exercises do you feel work? Any Youtube channels you think I would like? What type of smoothies do you make?

Have a great day!!

Sincerely with love,

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

New Year

So I know it has been almost a YEAR since I last posted... this was related to being in the Nursing Program and was ridiculously busy! So I apologize. I hope to start posting throughout this year. I can no promise to be consistent but I will do my darnest! So here is to a New Year!

I will post more at a later time.