Tuesday, October 14, 2014

His Smile Keeps Me Going

It has been really busy for me lately. I had two tests, which I passed both!! :D My mom had knee surgery last Thursday, so I have been being her nurse, and there has been a lot of paperwork and studying going on for Nursing. My hubby is what keeps me going, my mom as well. If it were not for the both of them I do not know what I would do. They are my biggest supporters and I am theirs. I have become house mom since my mom has been relying on me. Of course I was this way anyways, but I have been trying my hardest to keep things neat and tidy so my mom can rest. Especially since a certain piece of crap ex boyfriend of my mom's was recently kicked out... I wont disclose why, but its no bueno what he did and continues to live in denial about. Hmmph! Anyways, every once in a while, when I have a chance to dress up and feel pretty, me and hubby have our little photo sessions. Though I get extra judgmental of myself when I do these, I try not to but we are our own worst critics. I guess I just picture myself one way and the photos show something else. LAME! haha, anyways so we did this Saturday. We had a date to see Dracula Untold (which was very pleasing and I would definitely recommend it, it is more historically correct than others and goes more with the legends [Hubby does his research]) Afterwards I decided to use this chance to show off my outfit and take picture with hubby. Plus I did promise to post more... I'm doing my best! So here are a few from our little session :] I hope you enjoy!! Oh, photos were done by my phone so they are not the best quality, my camera charger cord was destroyed my Zelda (My female husky).
Dress: Forever21.com//Boots: GoJane.com//Over the knee socks: Forever21.com

I hope you have a wonderful day!!


Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Past Choices

By this I mean fashion choices... So when I was in high school, the "big thing" was the "scene" style. Not quit emo, not goth, but Scene. The edgy hair cuts, tight clothing, hardcore music, going to shows, a lot of eyeliner... Well I was going through an old album and look what I found! My Scene style, of course at this moment I wish I had that hair and I was still a size 1. But that is life, hips grow, butt get bigger... the life of women, unless you were born with a fast metabolism and the lack of extra curves (all of us want or don't want this... I like my curves, I just want to be healthier, which I think should be everyone's goal,,,not to be skinny.) Anyways... I thought I would share since I have been sick and studying, with no need to dress up (for now) Enjoy!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Weather change brings congestion

So its officially fall and with the weather change brings colds or for me congestion. Which is so annoying! I feel fine but sound awful! NyQuil and Mucinex  are my best friends, though they make me feel kinda off. So, I have to postpone any outfit posts. Plus I have been busy with clinical and studying for two upcoming exams. I thought I would at least update. Sorry again for the delay.

I am currently helping watch my grandfather for the day. Its good to spend sometime away from him, though this time I have to keep my distance. I love my Papa <3

I happen to have a Forever21.com addiction and find myself "browsing" all the time. I start putting things in my cart and it takes a few weeks for me to actually buy it, but first I have to condense it. Do I really want this? Will I actually wear this? Does this cost a little too much for my budget? (I do this while shopping in general, putting things in my cart and then going back through it... only about 25% actually stays in my cart) Its comical how I study. Well this time I finally came to a conclusion and here are some items I purchased (i'll show pictures of them on, once they arrive) I love the fall, this is when I really start buying clothes, when I shouldn't...

Also, I have finished reading "If I Stay" Which was great! I enjoyed every bit, and it didn't take long for me to finish. When I should be studying a bit, I have been reading leisurely, which will soon subside... Does anyone have any other book suggestions?

Have a great day!!


Friday, September 19, 2014


Top: Forever21.com, Skirt: Forever21.com 
So, everyone of us (unless you work on the weekends) are always excited when it is Friday... Fridays represent 1.) the weekend is finally here 2.) Payday 3.) Date night 4.) New movies in theaters 5.) A much needed break.

Today I am going to eat lunch with my beloved, which I always enjoy. I have a reason to some-what dress up and go out. Being a college student, in the nursing program, I have little time for going out and dressing up. It will only get harder to find the time as the semester continues as well as throughout the program. But I will do my best to allow myself a little time for blogging and other activities. I am hoping to start sewing soon. Again, time is tight but it is manageable.

I will update a little later with some pictures of my outfit and possibly our date. Thanks for the continued support.
Have a wonderful Friday!!


p.s. Please leave comments on anything you would like to see via my blog or any pointers.


We ended up eating at Long Horn Steak House, which is one of our favorite places to eat out. Gotta love steak. This time, however, I opted out of the steak for the Shrimp and Lobster chowder (Which was delicious!) and a Caesar salad (Which I barely ate 4 bites out of). We also got the sweet and spicy calamari, which again was yummy! I'm always happy with what I order there, plus they are always friendly! We opted out of dessert, we were way too full! He ordered a steak salad which he enjoyed, as well.

After dropping him back off at work, I took a detour to Books A Million (Which is right by his job) and browsed... well okay I bought four books... I couldn't help it... I love to read and found pretty good deals. I got Sex In The City (I know...a little late to read it... but I am not a reader who prefers to read things first. Its good if I have the time but once I see a movie or show about what I am reading I can picture the characters better) I also go Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (I am a zombie lover after all), If I Stay (I haven't seen the movie yet, but I am sure I'll enjoy both... I love Chloe Grace Mortez) and World War Z (which I have read before but I have not had the chance of purchasing.) All for about $37. Which is not bad. I prefer a real book over the digital. I like the feel, the smell, and hey, it makes for good home decor afterwards.

Sorry for the not so awesome pictures, they are from my phone. My camera is charging. But you get the idea. I'm sorry the outfit picture is not the best of quality, or the best to see the whole outfit. I will wear it again and take better pictures sometime when I get another chance to wear it.
Thanks again!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


I apologize for being so wishy-washy with posting on here. Life gets busy and somethings take a bit more priority.

Good news, I am in my first semester of The Nursing Program. So far I have gotten good grades on my test, which I am happy to report. I hope to continue having good grades, in order to keep a positive attitude (which is very important for success)

I will do my best to continue with outfit updates, though most will be more about comfort (as I am a college student and in the nursing program). I want to begin a new chapter with you who follow me.

I hope to start sewing (I need to invest in a new sewing machine) as well as other creative endeavors. Time might be a little on the low side, but I want to push myself to grow in all aspects. Thanks for your continued support. I hope to make you glad you have followed me in the near future.

Have a great day!
Remember, times may become hard, but things happen for a reason, whether we see them now for what they are or later for what they have brought.

Sincerely Savannah

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Unfortunate Delay...

So, though I had the intentions of posting more and getting back into the groove of blogging, I have been very busy with family matters. My Nana (Nah-Nah/ grandma) has been ill since post- lumbar spinal surgery in late December. She has had two instances of renal failure, MRSA, and septic shock. All are horrible news and have put my poor Nana through a lot. Anyways, this time she is improving faster and more proficiently. Which we are all happy about. Please send her your positive thoughts and prayers.
I am at the moment in the ICU with her, so I can not update too much more.