Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Husky Play Date

Cloud (All white) and His uncle Balto

Link, Gethro, Cloud and Balto

Gethro (Black/White), Zelda (Red/Brown/White), Link (Grey/Black/White), Balto (Grey/White)

Cloud and Zelda

Luna, Gethro, and Cloud

Balto and Cloud

So, Saturday was our husky play date. It was a lot of fun! I have three huskies and my friend  Angela (who I adopted Link from) has three. It is a house full, for sure! They all did great, until a little later when the girls got a bit sassy. Zelda enjoyed her little bit of freedom (At home I have to walk her or connect her to the runner because she is an avid escape artist and we have chain linked fence, where as Angela has a wooden fence). It was funny watching her look for ways to even escape from their fence, but she knew I was steadily watching so she played it cool. They are so smart! Angela made them pupcakes, which they enjoyed, Link a little too much (it had peanut butter on top and it got stuck to the roof of his mouth). Zelda is not a big fan of peanut butter (I dont know why), so she only ate a little bit. Cloud was quick to eat the rest. It is always eventful when dealing with our huskies, they keep you on your toes and surprise you sometimes. I love them so much and I can not wait for the next Husky play date!

Well have a wonderful day! I have a lot more school work to do, so I must get back to that.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Nursing Studies

So, of course I am busy studying and I found these on pinterest, thinking these may help me or someone else. I am currently in the second semester of the nursing program (for those of you who do not know). We are learning about the cardiac system and respiratory system currently in Pharmacology and have just learned the more basics for fluid and electrolytes. We are also taking Mental Health, however as of right now it is some basic stuff we went over last semester (not to discredit the course). I hope this helps!
How I study is I read and highlight important points, then review those points. We have PrepU, which gives us NCLEX styled questions and also reviews the material in the book. We also use ATI, which also give NCLEX styled questions. I also make flash cards of the powerpoints and I have a study group. I would highly recommend a study group, they may bring information to your attention that you either did not fully understand or just briefly read over.
On another note, I am excited for tomorrow. I have a study group in the early afternoon, and then we are having a husky play date with my good friend Angela. She also has three huskies. I will definitely post pictures! For those who have not seen pictures of my huskies, you see them all over my instagram. I will due my best to post more about them on here.
Well I need to get back to my studies, have a great evening!


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Gloomy days are made for studying

Jacket: H&M a few years ago Pants: JCP Shoes: Thrifted (new)

So, it has been wet and rainy so any photos have to be taken inside. Beau is constantly our shadow, so of course he makes it into a few pictures. A few of the other dogs think that its play time when I take pictures, so part of them are also noticed. I know these are not the best quality, but our home does not have the best lighting and it doesnt help with the gloomy weather.
Well today I am catching up on my studies and reading. It is not thrilling, but it must be done! So far this semester is a little chaotic with all of the information and some confusion on when we will find out our clinical days.
How is the weather where you are?
Well have a great day! I must get back to my studies!!


Thursday, January 8, 2015

Cold Days

Jacket: Forever21.com Top: Forever21.com Bottoms: Jcpenney, Boots: Forever21.com
Obviously, I wore this outfit on a much warmer day (Monday), since then it has gotten unbelievably cold! Georgians do not typically enjoy cold weather, other wise we would not live here. Anyways, School started Wednesday, yay...Not! Haha. It just started and I already feel behind. This semester we have Pharmacology 2, Mental health/ psych, and Intro to adult health. Which means a lot more work and a lot more rush to get organized. We still do not know when/where our clinical will be, which is frustrating. Plus, there is a lot of reading that I need to do for pharm and the other classes. It is not enjoyable reading, either. But I guess if I change my attitude towards the reading it might not be so bad...right?
Well, my Papa (grandfather) is in the hospital at the moment. :[ He has pneumonia, which is weird because he has not been sick, we are trying to find out the cause now. He originally went for chronic stomach pain... So please send your prayers his way.
I'm cutting this short, because like I said I need to get a move on with this school work. I will try to at least post once a week. But this semester is probably the hardest with three classes.
Have a wonderful day! Stay warm!!


Monday, January 5, 2015

And so it beings...

Linkypoo and I cuddling

I have already got an email of all the stuff I need to "refresh" on for school. I went ahead and typed up my hypertensive medications, but guess what I did?! I $#%^ing deleted it! I am so mad at myself. I've been on a clean/get rid of crap spree and I thought I was deleting all the stuff from last semester. And I emptied the recycling bin! Geez! So I have to redo that now. YAY! I may try to take on these meds in a different approach, now that I deleted the first approach. I also need to read these chapters, which it is all I can do to read them. No excuses though! So, while I should be either getting my sleeping schedule back on track or reading these chapters... I am updating my blog. I keep changing the look... I want to make most of what I use with my nifty S note from the galaxy note 4 (which I love love love!), but its hard to tell if people will like it or not. Not that I have a HUGE following as of right now, but if I plan on expanding my reader numbers then I need to make it grap your attention. Is it working? Any comments?

Well, so far besides that little mess up, 2015 has been pretty good. I feel refreshed. I have been exercising more often, eating better, and getting my shwit (yes, I meant to spell it like that) together. What about you?

Well have a wonderful evening!


Sunday, January 4, 2015

Bring It On 2015!

Top: Forever21.com Bottoms: Forever21.com Booties: Forever21.com Bracelets: made by me :]

I am welcoming 2015 with open arms. Even though, year round, we should push ourselves to achieve our best year round, the new year is kind of like a fresh start to try to strive for better.
Anyways, I have started the year off with working out and eating right. The 7th school starts again...bum bum bummm. I know I can do good this semester. Even if second semester is a struggle, I can do it!! I want to challenge myself this year to become a better me. Though, there is nothing wrong with me now, but we can all become better versions of ourselves. I want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, pass the nursing program, create, and stop stressing so much about things I have no control over. The last one is something very complicated for me to achieve. I am always thinking of now, what I need to do, what I want to do, what I can do, etc. This leaves little time for me to relax a bit and enjoy the moment. Anyone else have that problem?
Well, today is a new day and I plan on making a change! I have cleaned out my closet and every clevis in my home of all the unnecessary items. Yard sale in the Spring?! I even keep having creepy, gross, dreams about parasites leaving me. I looked it up and its like I am getting rid of all the negative stuff and positive stuff is to come. Which is great! haha. I need some of that! Especially with this challenging semester right around the corner. Well I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year and all is well! Have a wonderful evening!


P.S. I know the photos have not been wonderful... My camera cord was chewed up by a certain dog and it has be yucky outside. Hopefully the sun will show and I can take better, as well as order a new cord.