Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Unfortunate Delay...

So, though I had the intentions of posting more and getting back into the groove of blogging, I have been very busy with family matters. My Nana (Nah-Nah/ grandma) has been ill since post- lumbar spinal surgery in late December. She has had two instances of renal failure, MRSA, and septic shock. All are horrible news and have put my poor Nana through a lot. Anyways, this time she is improving faster and more proficiently. Which we are all happy about. Please send her your positive thoughts and prayers.
I am at the moment in the ICU with her, so I can not update too much more.


Saturday, March 1, 2014

Love True Love...

So obviously I enjoy The Princess Bride (refering to the title of this post), Wesley and Buttercup's love triumphs over all.  That is how I view mine and Paul's (also referred to as Hubby or Sky) relationship. We have been through a lot, I mean we did meet on Myspace and were separated by many states, but we knew that our connection, our chemistry was like no other so we continued to push through all that came our way, and hey, we have concurred almost 8 years of being together! We both have our moments of bickering or disagreeing, but at the end of the day we both know we love each other and sometimes laugh at what we were bickering about. We are both two different people, raised two different ways, so bickering will happen, what matters is that we get through it and can smile and laugh about it later.

These photos were taken a year ago, when it was warm, obviously... I hope to restart our photo sessions and share our love story with those who actually care to read, and even to those who don't. In our head our story is famous, to you its just another love story,

Well that is all for today. I hope to maybe start taking photos today, we are going to shoot today, for the first time. I'm kind of excited.

Sincerely with Love,

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My Day...

So, I have been working on a few things lately, eating healthier and exercising. Both have so far made me feel a lot better about myself, which in turn helps me want to start blogging more, like I used to. 

I make up my own exercise routines based off of a few Youtube videos and magazine cutouts of things for thighs, abs, etc. So it works for me. I try to push myself through sets, but really I just kind of rotate through sets. Some days I am sorer than others, but I guess it depends on which moves I push more. It helps that I am taking Tennis now too. Man, tennis is no joke. It seems easy but if you play the right way it is a pain in the butt. However, I enjoy it. I have always enjoyed being active, I wish I was more active in sports as a kid, but because of my mom being a single parent, that was not an easy task to ask to do. I did get a chance to somewhat be apart of things because of friends, but that was not much. I missed out on a lot, but really it just opened me up to using my imagination more. Anyways, being active does make you feel good, not just how your look begins to slim down and tone up, but how you feel about your over all self. Plus, with all of these zombie movies and shows, I would like to be somewhat fit to be able to try to survive... haha.

After every exercise, which I usually do while watching a movie or show (full of skinny, pretty women/ my inspirations haha) I make my own protein smoothie. I try to use a little bit of fruits and veges, but it all depends on what I have. Today was a Silk, Pomegranate Yogurt, Whey Protein, Kale, 5 Strawberries, and  1/2 orange. It was pretty yummy too. 
What kind of exercises do you feel work? Any Youtube channels you think I would like? What type of smoothies do you make?

Have a great day!!

Sincerely with love,

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

New Year

So I know it has been almost a YEAR since I last posted... this was related to being in the Nursing Program and was ridiculously busy! So I apologize. I hope to start posting throughout this year. I can no promise to be consistent but I will do my darnest! So here is to a New Year!

I will post more at a later time.


Saturday, February 16, 2013

Late Posts, Burlesque Shows, and Valentines Day

Jacket: Tj Maxx (Vegan Leather)
Scarf: Forever21
Shirt: The Childrens Place (Yes, Its a boys shirt)
Pants: Forever21

 As a busy nursing student, I feel like I have hardly any time to just sit and blog or take pictures to share. I try on the weekends, but by that time I have school work, studying, and housework to do. But lets not talk about that.
Last night I enjoyed going to my best friend's burlesque show. I love supporting her. She was amazing! I didnt get to take pictures, but her mother did, so once I get access to those I will share. It was nice to get out and do something a not in the norm. Speaking about her mom, man did she have a good time!! they had $4.00 drinks, and boy did she get some. But it was fun to see her have such a great time with her friend. They made me have an even funner time. On another note, those girls are all different in shape and size, and their confidence is inspiring! I know I would never have the guts to go on stage, strip tease, and shake my boobs for people. The place we went to was in ATL, near Little 5 points. It was really nice. It was is a store that sells vintage furniture and decor, Amazing stuff, and they have a bar and stage in the back (where the show was held). I love the decorations and have a few pictures I took with my phone, but again, I will share them once I have the others.I fully suggest, if you've never been, to go to a Burlesque show.
On another note, Valentines Day was great! We celebrated it early, to avoid crowding and plus we got paid the week before. We went to Long Horn Steak House, yummy! Our server was great! The food tasted amazing and it was over all a great experience, plus he has never been there. I love popping his cherries, haha. We then went and walked around Target, which is like one of my favorite stores, especially when they have sells! I found him some shirts for like 6.98 and then he got me some undies, and a PJ set. it was kinda humorous watching his face as he purchased them. Then we went home and cuddled and watched a movie. We both gave each other goodies once we got home too. Yummy!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Busy Busy Busy

1.) Me waiting to go into work.
2.) First Pie I have ever made... Tasted yummy!
3.) Me kicking butt on Black Ops 2
4.) Me with hubby's sunglasses.
5.) Drawing of me by me.
6.) Drawing of me by me.

So, I know what your thinking... I haven't had time to post on here. Studying and all of that is very time consuming and tiring. I will try to at least post once a week, but that depends whats going on for that week.
Well on the school note... I have passed my first 2 tests and passed each check off. For those who do not know what a check off is... Every week we learn a new skill : Changing the bed with them in it, bathing a patient, suctioning, wound care, checking vitals, physical assessment, giving oral meds, etc. Physical assessment is next week, and it is a lot of information. However, I will be practicing on my grandfather, who had a stroke a few years back, so I should be okay. How are things with you?
Anything you would like more for me to post? More outfit pictures? Just let me know!